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Chili Cook-Off

The 6th Annual Wood Enterprises Chili Cook-Off will be held Saturday, April 26th, at Cafe Lafitte's, Good Friends Bar, Rawhide, and OZ.  Contestants will cook their chili from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.  They will be supplied with table space and a hot plate.  They will be required to supply everything else, including cookware to make two gallons of chili.  All preparation will be done at the bars.  No pre-cooked ingredients will be allowed.  From 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM people will be allowed to taste the chili for a fee of $10.00, then at 6:00 PM the tasters will vote for the chili they like best at each location.  The winner at each location will go up against each other and the tasters will vote for the Grand Champion.  The winner will receive half the money collected and the other half will go to the Food for Friends.  If you are interested in participating please see Tony at Good Friends, Richard at Rawhide, or Benjamin at Cafe Lafittes. We hope you can join us for this great event!!




Carnival is the celebration beginning on the Twelfth Night of Christmas and leading up to Lent.  There are dozens of parades in the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday and plenty of partying and drinking in the streets.

  Costumes are incredible and everyone has beads to give, if you “earn” them.  Crowds from around the world pack the French Quarter and the party goes twenty-four hours a day.  If costume watching is your thing, the Fruit Loop is the place to be on Mardi Gras Day.  People wear costumes from the Gay Mardi Gras Krewes’ Balls and they are definitely worth seeing.  Some are so large that two or more people have to help carry them.  The fun and debauchery is unmatched as the attitude of the season is “Let it All Hang Out!"


Cafe Lafitte Voted Best In New Orleans has voted Cafe Lafitte as the best bar in New Orleans based on reviews of bars taken from the Internet.  To view these reviews visit


Clover Grill Featured in Movie

If you have seen the Hollywood blockbuster "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" you could not miss the scene filmed in the World Famous Clover Grill. 



    The main characters are shown eating ice cream and taking one of Clover's famous hamburgers to go.  You may have noticed that a ladies room is shown in the restaurant.  This was added when filming was done back in Hollywood.  An interesting thing is that when the filming crew left, the hub caps used in cooking the burgers could not be found.  Is Brad Pitt now cooking his burgers under one of them?


New Orleans One of 15 Top Coolest Cities In North America

Msn Travel has compiled a list of the Top Ten Coolest Cities in North America and of course the Crescent City is on the list.  Here's what they had to say...

   "Packed with revelers during the annual Mardi Gras festival, the French Quarter in New Orleans remains lively the remainder of the year. Much of the architecture in the French Quarter dates back to the brief period of Spanish rule in the late 1700s, with many buildings having survived fires and hurricanes in the centuries since."

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